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Types of Online Counseling Services
1. Quick Counseling for easy questions: 15 minute counseling with 2 questions, providing 2 short counseling emails. Fee: $15.00
2. For help with one challenging presenting problem: 30 minute Counseling, 2 long counseling emails. Fee: $35.00
3. Ongoing Counseling: 1 hour of Counseling with 3-4 long Counseling emails. Fee: $55.00
4. In depth Counseling: More in depth therapy, dealing with relational/couples issues. 1 1/2 hours of Counseling with 6-8 long therapeutic emails. Fee: $85.00.
5. Monthly Counseling: Counseling for relationship issues, in depth life purpose counseling, with unlimited interactive communication and therapeutic emails, includes 8 hours of therapy time. Fee: $200.00
Specific Information
At the beginning of your initial email you are to provide me with the following specific information about yourself. All information is completely confidential and will only be viewed by me, Samantha Metheney, LMFT CHT.
  • First and last name
  • Age, date of birth
  • Single/ Married/Divorced/Widowed. If married is it 1st, 2nd, etc.
  • Male/Female
  • Children? If so, ages, how many.
  • Race/Ethnicity (optional)
  • Years of school completed.
  • Physical Health? Poor, good,or excellent.
  • email address
  • Birth order? First, middle, last?
Consent to therapy
At the end of your email please copy and paste this consent to therapy into your email. You must electronically sign the email at the bottom and your signature will verify that you have read and agree to terms of therapy.
I have given my consent to receive counseling/therapy with Samantha Metheney, LMFT, CHT of Knoxville Trauma Connection and Family Therapy Services. All therapy/emails/correspondence is kept completely confidential in accordance to HIPPA's privacy rule and will not be shared with any other agency, or persons without written permission. Your right to confidentiality by law is limited in cases of the following:
  • if you threaten bodily harm or death to another person I am required by law to contact local authorities/or person threat is against.
  • If you threaten to hurt yourself or kill yourself, I am required to ensure safety by any means necessary, and this includes contacting others to help you without your permission.
  • If you reveal information relative to child or elderly abuse or neglect, I am required to report this to appropriate authorities.
Let's start Counseling Now!
Choose your type of Counseling service, go to the home page and click on pay button at bottom of page. This will take you to pay pal where you may enter the price of your service. Credit and debit cards are accepted. Then send your questions to, along with the specific information requested, and copy and paste consent to therapy at bottom of email. Make sure and sign your name at end of email. I will respond within 24-72 hours (not including weekends and holidays). Thank you for entrusting me as your therapist!
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