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What is internet Counseling?
Online Counseling is a fast and convenient way to receive answers to problems, and provides emotional/spiritual/relational therapy  to persons who lead hectic lives and can't free up time to get out to do traditional in office visits. Online Counseling benefits persons with disabilities who have difficulty leaving home.
How does Online Counseling work?
You choose the type of Counseling service you want, send in your questions and specific personal information and I will send a response within 24-72 hours, not including weekends and holidays. Your response will include the following: 1. Will help you define the problem more clearly, and help you find the best answer that fits your situation or issue. 2.  Will design a plan that will help you with your specific problem and issues.
3. Will formulate specific assignments to help you start making changes in your patterns of behavior and thoughts.
4. Will provide you with coping skills to deal with problems as they arise in your life.
How long is each session?
Session length will depend on the depth of the situation and your willingness to work on making changes in patterns of behavior in your life. Some persons find that one session is enough, others find they need daily emails, a few emails a week, or monthly ongoing correspondence. The length and detail of my response will depend on the type of Counseling service you choose which can run from 15 minutes to 2 hours, or unlimited monthly correspondence. Response time includes time to read emails plus time to write response.  
What type of issues can you benefit from using internet Counseling?
Relationship/couples therapy, individual emotional/spiritual issues, habitual behavioral patterns, and life purpose questions. Online Counseling is not for suicidal persons.
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